Feel Mount Fuji in this camp resort with 1.42 million square feet of land,
making it among the largest by the base of Mount Fuji.

Feel the Fuji





We chased after an incredible feeling of freedom.

On a plot of 1.42 million square feet, among the largest by the base of Mount Fuji, situated between Mount Fuji and the Southern Japanese Alps, we sought to create a space where you can enjoy camping to your heart’s content without worrying about being watched by those around you.


Open Season

April through December

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in starts at12:00 PM
Check-out ends at11:00 AM

  • If you are signing up for the Glamping or Come Empty-Handed packages or are staying in an RV or trailer, check-in starts at 2:00 PM and check-out ends at 10:00 AM.
  • We ask that you come to the front desk at the Central House to check in or out.
  • Please make the payment when checking in. We accept credit cards (various types).


  • We accept reservations for lodging through email.
  • Guests who are not yet in elementary school will not be charged fees.


  • In case you are requesting a cancellation due to your circumstances, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost if you make the request at least 2 days before your stay and the full cost if you make the request the day before or the day of your stay or cancel without contacting us. *This does not apply for high season (Golden Week, Obon, year-end).
  • If you do not use the lodging facilities on the day of your stay without contacting us, we will deem you to have canceled without notice, and you will need to pay the cancellation fees determined by the corresponding lodging facility through the prescribed method by the deadline.
  • The campgrounds will continue to operate during normal rain or snow. Be sure to prepare rain gear before coming. If there is a typhoon or other similar conditions, the corresponding campground will determine whether or not it is possible for guests to stay. The only instance when cancellation fees are not charged would be when it is deemed impossible for guests to stay. Reach out to us after checking the weather forecast.
  • If an alert of Level 3 or above is issued in the corresponding region on the day of your stay, we will not charge cancellation fees.



Choose from two types of car campsites: the Resort Car Site where you can enjoy a massive private space and the Car Site L, which we only have two of.
12 plots starting at
8,580 yen Reservations


These are car campsites in the forest. Choose your favorite field from three sizes: Standard, Large, and Resort.
14 plots starting at8,500 yen Reservations


Glamping is for you if you would like to enjoy a premium camping experience, which includes a spacious, clean living room and outdoor bath, in a private manner.
3 sites starting at19,180 yen
per person Reservations


These campsites, which are available in four sizes, include an unbelievably spacious dog run so that you can enjoy camping with your beloved dogs off the leash.
12 plots starting at9,900 yen Reservations


There are two permanently established sites with mobile homes.
These sites allow you to enjoy camping empty-handed and casually have fun in nature.
2 sites starting at11,880 yen
per person Reservations
We also offer packages that allow you to rent out the premises.
Contact us for more details.


Snow Peak’s
Come Empty-Handed Package

This is an original camping package provided by Snow Peak that allows you to show up empty-handed.

Snow Peak’s Come Empty-Handed Package

This is an original camping package provided by Snow Peak that allows you to show up empty-handed.

Based on our wish for everybody to be able to enjoy camping casually, we offer the Come Empty-Handed camping package that allows you to enjoy camping for one night and two days in a Campfield that is managed directly by Snow Peak or partner Come Empty-Handed Campground. Because we lend you all of the camping equipment, you only have to bring food, drinks, clothes, and personal items. By all means, you can even make your camping debut through Come Empty-Handed Camping!
Starting at 49,500 yen Reservations



Experience riding a four-wheel buggy in the middle of nature!
This activity allows you to enjoy riding to your heart’s content.
Starting at 3,300 yen


The lakes are without doubt the biggest attraction of the Fuji Five Lakes region.
Enjoy water activities on the surface of the lake.
10,000 yenper person


This program allows you to experience making pizza by hand in the middle of nature.
Does the pizza that you make yourself taste exceptional!?
Starting at3,300 yen


7328 Narusawa, Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0320

From Kawaguchiko Interchange on the Chuo Expressway, take National Route 139 toward Narusawa.
After turning left on the intersection with the restaurant called Gusto, we are about 2km and 15 minutes by car.
*We are located on the road leading to the ski resort called Fujiten Snow Resort.